Doppelganger 2020 re-release

Hello! So here it is. Re-edition of first album Doppelgänger. You can listen to it on Bandcamp and maybe add it to your collection : Click Here
I made a new artwork for the digipack release that should come later if all goes well!
I hope you like it.

I didnt have the raw tracks anymore so I had to work with my original edited tracks to remix/master them.
I added two Bonus Tracks in the end.

New album is up on Bandcamp


If you want to support this release, you can buy the physical or digital version on Bandcamp.

The digital version on Bandcamp includes the complete artwork.

Concours pour remporter un exemplaire du dernier album

If you can understand french, one of you can win the new album by answering these questions on this blog / Pour les francophones, vous pouvez gagner un exemplaire du dernier album sur ce blog (un seul gagnant). Le concours est ouvert à compter du 10 janvier 2016 minuit, et s’arrêtera le 16 janvier 2016 à 23 h 59. Le tirage sera effectué dans la matinée du 17 janvier. Bonne chance à tous!

Mais aussi, un très chouette article concernant le nouvel album, merci Frederic Bezies! N'hésitez pas à consulter son blog

Listen to the new album on Youtube

The new album is officially released and you can listen to it on Aythis' Youtube channel. Here is the playlist:

Glacia CD's are back in stock

Hey guys,

For those who wanted to get Glacia directly from me (second album, released in 2009)
I have some copies back in stock.

There's also an option that you can check to save some shipping costs.


Listen to a new song from the new album

Here is one song from the new album, I hope you'll like it, it's called "Night".

Night, how have you tied me down for so long ?
Your eyes can see through my heart now
Blazing, blazing slow
I'll belong to one of your ghosts
Blazing, blazing slow
In your ring of fire

What I carry is what carries me
At times silence can devour all
And It can feel so really heavy
To be wronged by the way it goes
You're real as long as you're in me
At times I am with no one at all.
What I carry will always carry me
All I hear is a distant crow.

Preview of the new album

As promised, a little preview of the new album!
Hope you'll like it

Preview of the new album

Cover of the new album

Here it is... cover of the new album "The Illusion and The Twin"
Hope you like it!
Samples & more info on the release date very soon

Aythis on Soundcloud

If you are on Soundclound, you can follow Aythis here :

2 new reviews for The New Earth

I added 2 new reviews for the 2011 album The New Earth in the Press section.

You can read them here, one is in English, one is in French

The Illusion and The Twin

The Illusion and The Twin